Alex Jave is one of the established names in the Swedish club scene for the past 20 years.He started his career as a DJ and has since grown into a diverse DJ, producer, songwriter and recording artist. His musical interest since early childhood gave him an early start in his musical career and his curiosity for electronic music has turned him into a very skilled and sought-after DJ.

In 2004 He started R.O.L. (Rhythm Of Life) to reach a more musically aware crowd. It is Housemusic at it's best with influences from jazz, soul, funk, latin and afro music. A R.O.L. constellation can be everything from a DJ set to a whole setup with live musicians to deliver a more musical and dynamic entertainment to the club scene.

Alex's impeccable technical skill speaks of the last 22 years as DJ and music producer. His rich and diverse music sets range from rhythmical Afro Latin beats to funky twisted synthesizers.

Alex Jave regulary plays in venues such as W Barcelona, Hotel Omm, The One Barcelona, One Ocean club...

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R.O.L Session Part 1 - Mixed by Alex Jave


R.O.L Session Part 2 - Mixed by Alex Jave